Chick-fil-A Case Study

Chick-fil-A Owner Operators

Company Overview: Chick-fil-A was founded in 1946 by Truett Cathy and since has become a trusted brand offering a customer-centric environment focused on family values and great chicken sandwiches.  The brand has seen unprecedented growth over the last 10 years approaching the 12B dollar milestone as a debt free company. Individual Stores are seeing double digit growth year over year with top stores surpassing 12M dollars of annual sales.

Positions Placed: 100 + Various Executive and Director-Level Positions 

FireSeeds’ Point of Contact: 75+ Local Owner/Operators

FireSeeds is an approved vendor with Chick-fil-A Corporate but is contracted by and works directly with individual Owner/Operators in various locations across the U.S.

In 2017 FireSeeds earned the privilege of becoming an approved recruiting vendor to be used by Owner/Operators across the brand. Since 2017, over 75 Owner/Operators have chosen FireSeeds as their recruiting partner to fill their top leadership positions. We have had the privilege of placing 100 plus Executive and Director-Level leaders in markets from California to New York, and most major cities in between. FireSeeds has become a leading provider of talent to help support the incredible growth Owner/Operators are experiencing within the brand.     

One of the biggest changes in the corporate scaling strategy has been to provide the opportunity for any Owner/Operator with qualifying results to pursue owning multiple restaurants, up to 3 stores. As Owner/Operators gain multi-location opportunities, their top leadership needs to double immediately as a 2nd store is opened. This motivates many Owner/Operators to build a true Executive level team to Operate what can become a $15M to $30M business.  

FireSeeds has become a trusted advisor for many Owner/Operators needing to recruit these Executive and Director-Level leaders.


“My experience with FireSeeds was very professional, detailed and the process was clearly communicated from start to finish. My FireSeeds recruiter was a pleasure to work with and they never compromised on my standards. I would use them again!”


“FireSeeds was a great choice for us when we needed a hard-to-find candidate. They gave us a timeframe and met it, communicated clearly during the search, and tailored the process to our specific needs. We will be using them again."


“The mission and values of FireSeeds align with Chick-fil-A so conversations with your recruiter are easy. Customer service has been amazing, prompt and professional. When you find a company with a similar mission and values as your own company to work with, it is a win. My recruiter was very personal, but also efficient at the same time. She was a great listener who really sought to understand what I was looking for and responded well to my feedback. Every scheduled call was on time and every email received had a quick response! I was pleased with the quality and variety of candidates I reviewed and the candidate profiles were well done so that I felt I already knew the candidate before I sat down for an interview. I feel like I wanted to really find the right candidate for my open position, and I liked that I was given time to think, guidance, and best practices throughout the interview process. It takes a great skill to not make a person feel rushed to make a decision but still keep the process going quickly."  


“FireSeeds has been a pleasure to work with. They recruit high caliber candidates that internal efforts and other recruiting companies haven't been able to produce.”


“The FireSeeds team was amazing. They are truly experts at what they do. I know that my partnership with them will be a key driver in improving my team and my business in the years ahead."


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