Executive Director Case Study


Company Overview: Neverthirst exists to provide clean water to people around the world who would otherwise not have access to it. Neverthirst has successfully completed safe water projects in India, Cambodia, Napal, Uganda, South Sudan, Myanmar and Chad. Since completing their first Water Project with their local partner in Witto South Sudan in 2008, they have now completed over 15,652 projects and served over 645,214 people.

Position Placed: Executive Director

FireSeeds’ Point of Contact: Board of Directors - Lois Gallardo, Jeremy Long, Heather Platt, Chris Prier, Greg Sankey, Forrest Walden

FireSeeds partnered with Neverthirst to place an Executive Director who could lead a multinational staff team and aggressively push their $2 Million annual budget to a goal of $10 Million over the next 3-5 years. 

“FireSeeds found a leader with the perfect combination of leadership, business strategy, and cultural alignment to meet the needs of our rapidly growing organization.”  Greg Sankey, SEC Commissioner, Neverthirst Board Member

FireSeeds conducted a 14 week search, inviting candidates into the conversation and resulting in a pool of 28 possible candidates who were interviewed and narrowed down to a final 3. Neverthirst selected a candidate with 18 years of both nonprofit and business leadership experience to the role. The candidate successfully relocated from Atlanta to Birmingham to take on this critical position and is having great success since coming on board.

 “I had used FireSeeds for many searches in my personal business but was elated to see the experience transferred seamlessly into the nonprofit space as well. As promised, they found me a leader who fit the Vision, Mission, Values and cultural mandate that is crucial in our org while finding a skilled business leader who can think strategically and grow the organization.” Forrest Walden, Founder, Iron Tribe Fitness, Neverthirst Board Member

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